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An actual emergency is not the time to find out your generator will not perform. Paramount Power can perform a load test on your generator to confirm the integrity of your emergency equipment and ensure it will provide you with uninterrupted power during an extended outage. As with our preventative maintenance, all testing is performed and documented in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

When load testing, a generator is run under a full load to ensure that the required power is there when called upon in an emergency. Yearly load testing helps extend the engine life of a generator and ensures reliable operation. Any generator, no matter the fuel type, can benefit from having its load bank tested.

Load Bank Testing for Diesel Generators

Load bank testing is especially critical for generators that run on diesel fuel. These engines are vulnerable to wet stacking, which is what happens when unburned fuel accumulates in the engine exhaust. This occurs when a diesel generator does not reach optimal temperatures because it is run without sufficient load for extended periods of time. Because wet stacking is a serious fire hazard, Paramount Power load tests diesel-engines generators by allowing them to reach full operating temperature, which in turn burns off all of the accumulated fuel housed in the engine and improves both cleanliness and efficiency.