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Having a plan for emergency backup power and climate control prior to an emergency or natural disaster is very important. The time to plan is before a disaster strikes, and with Paramount Power's contingency planning we will guarantee the availability of pre-selected generator packages.

In the time of emergencies, especially in the case of a natural disaster, generator power becomes hard to acquire. Making your plan now will result in your selected generator being delivered immediately to your home or business when disaster strikes.

Headquartered in Florida, Paramount Power has over thirty years experience with hurricanes, natural disaster, and widespread power outages. We know from experience it is critical to your business to have this Emergency Protection Plan in place. The plan is designed to guarantee mobilization of pre-selected equipment when disaster is imminent. In the past, those that were unprepared lost millions in business. This plan is available to avoid revenue losses due to long-term power outages. Let us design a power package for your business.