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What is a generator transfer switch?

A generator transfer switch allows for a safe and convenient operation of both standby and portable power. This electrical device is connected to the circuits within the electrical panel of a home or business, and eliminates the risk of back feeding into the electrical utility. Back feeding can cause generator damage, fires, or result in the electrocution of technicians who may be working on nearby power lines.

For residential properties, the use of generator switches eliminates the need for running extension cords throughout the the house. These switches utilize the wiring in your home to power any device with your generator quickly and easily, even those that would be unable to connect to the generator using an extension cord, such as a well pump.

What is an automatic standby generator?

Automatic standby generators are permanently installed outside a home or business and provide backup power when utility power fails.

What is a portable generator?

These are generators that are designed to be moved and used in locations a standby generator would be impractical. Portable generators can come in a variety of sizes, from the small and light options for home use, to units mounted on a trailer that can be driven to construction sites, events, or commercial buildings.

Can a standby generator replace utility service?

No. Once utility power returns, a generator should be shut off for when it is needed again. When available, utility power is a more affordable option than powering your site with generator power.

Do standby generators need to be maintained?

For optimal performance and longevity, preventative maintenance on your standby generator is essential. Load testing will also help to guarantee that when the power goes out, your generator will be able to handle your needs.

How do I size a standby generator for my home or business?

Paramount Power provides an array of standby power options, and will work with you to determine the needs of your home and business in the event of a power outage.

Why should I purchase a standby generator instead of a portable generator?

There are numerous advantages to purchasing a standby generator for your home or business. For safety reasons, the American Red Cross advises that for power outages, permanently installed stationary generators are better suited for providing backup power to a home or business. Standby power generators involve less hassle, as they start automatically within seconds of a power outage and provide power even if you're away from home, and turn off once utility power is restored.

Does a portable generator need to be grounded?

For safety, portable generators should be properly grounded, or you can run the risk of electrocution.

Can a portable generator be used in inclement weather?

Yes, but should be protected from the elements as much as possible (especially when not in use). Portable generators should NEVER be used indoors, or next to an open window or vent.