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In 1978, Diesel Energy Systems, Inc. (DESI) was created to service, sell and manufacture generator sets and propulsion engines for the marine pleasure boat industry. Founded by Mr. Richard Reishchman, the company developed into an industry leader, providing boat owners with the total package of sales, service, manufacturing, and design/engineering capabilities.

In 1987 DESI was sold to the Summit System of Colleges and Schools (Tampa College) to continue the company mission of serving the retail pleasure boat industry as well as provide support and a place of apprenticeship for graduates of a two-year Diesel Technician curriculum offered by Tampa College.

Shortly thereafter, in 1989, the Summit System of Colleges and Schools sold its interests in Tampa College, refocusing DESI's mission back to the retail marine industry. During the same period, a tremendous stagnation in the economy seriously damaged the retail boat industry, and in turn DESI's revenue production and profitability.

Bradley Jones, then President and in charge of Summit's subsidiary, made the decision to begin offering the same package of service, sales, rentals, and ancillary support to owners of emergency standby generator sets and switch gear in the commercial/industrial sector, taking advantage of the need and to fill the void, of quality service and skilled technical expertise, left neglected by other companies providing similar services.

In early 1996, Bradley Jones purchased from the Summit System of Colleges and Schools, Diesel Energy Systems, Inc. continuing the company mission and goals in a family-owned business environment.

In 2003, Diesel Energy Systems, Inc. changed its name and began to do business and market itself under the name Paramount Power. The reason for the change was due to the current and potential customers making the mistaken assumption that Diesel Energy Systems, Inc. worked strictly on diesel fueled equipment. A large part of Paramount Power's customer base is liquid propane and natural gas fired generator sets.

Today, Paramount Power continues to:

• Respond to customer emergencies and requests.
• Offer knowledgeable employees, capable of providing services and information vital to the customer equipment operations.
• Offer those services at a fair price.
• Be on call and reachable by customers on a 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year basis.
• Maintain the ability to be flexible to customer needs in a constantly changing world and marketplace.

Mission Statement

Paramount Power is dedicated to working as a team with our customers and employees and we make it our paramount concern to exceed our customers expectations in regards to service, sales, and rental of Emergency Power Systems.

From the beginning our goal was to provide quality products with superior service. Over the past 30 years we have served a diverse customer base throughout the state of Florida. To keep our focus on this goal, we make sure that customer service and communication is one of our top priorities.